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I am a writer, a mother, a daughter and a sister. I don't have enough time in the day to get everything done, yet I still find time to while away the hours with my daughter, or typing this blog. I love old things, and have way too much stuff, but find it hard to part with anything when it comes right down to it. Sometimes I am lonely, but mostly just alone. I am struggling in my own way to find my passion and place in this world. And am afraid, my opportunity has already passed me by. But not so afraid that I won't keep trying. I love to do nothing, but hate to not accomplish at least something. I am easy to get along with but a control freak at heart. I hate to spend my weekends cleaning, but have to be organized. I am like most everyone else.... just making my way.


Beautiful things, antiques, photography, writing, sewing, and crafting. I love sports when I can enjoy them with others, like basketball or golf with my dad. I love movies, but don't see very many these days. I also love traveling, trying new restaurants and visiting with friends and family. I also read lots of magazines and 'how to' books.